African Works of Art
For Your Life

ART-IKAYA showcases the works of contemporary visual artists, textile and ceramic artisans, sculptors and photographers carefully sourced from the ancient lands of the African continent, the Caribbean and the diasporas of the Americas and Europe.

Each artist showcased has been selected based on their versatility and ingenuity to portray both the landscape and human movements within these cultural communities that are evocative of everyday life.

ART-IKAYA   is committed to bringing the brilliance of these showcased artworks into homes, offices and personal businesses to allow thoughtful reflection and recognition for their true spirit of “Ikaya” which essentially means “Home” and is of Xhosa origin“.

ART-IKAYA   is   committed to becoming a centralized network for sourcing additional artworks of this subject matter based on interest from engaged clients.

Most importantly, ART-IKAYA supports systemic change in Sub-Sahara Africa via its partnership with  the non-profit charitable organizations   South African Women for Women and Zenzele Development Organization, both  dedicated to the empowerment of African girls and women.

A purchase of art from ART-IKAYA provides the  opportunity for increased opportunities for girls and women living in Africa to  increase their education, manage their specific  health concerns  including HIV-AIDS and domestic violence, and provide business opportunities through a micro-credit program  created to allow women to start their own businesses and become  self-sufficient.

Message from The Executive Director

ART-IKAYA Executive Director Carole Adriaans is a self-imposed exile from South Africa.

Born in Cape Town, she has always maintained a most enduring affection for Africa and its landscape, language, leaders of political freedom, people, and all aspects of its cultural climate.

Over the past 30 years, Carole has been a Toronto based consultant and event designer producing many highly successful innovative events for clients through
Adriaans And Associates, her events management company. In this capacity, she has provided extensive assistance in project management, marketing, arts and administration, sponsorship techniques, and program coordination.

Her personal compassion for resolving the issues related to domestic violence against women in these communities has led her towards creating this business that exhibits “ART not Violence”.
As a long time art enthusiast, specifically of African art, Carole has put her heart and hard work into creating this online gallery as a forum to exhibit and sell a most extensive and eclectic mix of visual storytelling that underlines a culture’s influence via its historical images, including the legacies of its most iconic leaders.